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Trump Turnberry Scotland

An undoubted marvel in every way, the Scottish golf resort known as Trump Turnberry is one of the world's most elite courses, time and again. Just about a century ago, dreamers quite hoped for something like putting a five-star hotel on a hill that overlooks a link as well as a majestic lighthouse. Now, it's even more than a reality, a place where you are bound to experience world-class golf, and dining while getting treated to one of the best accommodation services in Scotland.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

Trump Turnberry is one of the essential stops, one you will never be in a hurry to depart from. What could make for more astonishment than the attention to detail in this place as well as the millions of dollars invested into the property, is the remarkable pace at which the Trump Organization, under the leadership of Donald’s son Eric on this project and retention of the most key longtime staffers, have been able to dust off the oft-renovated gem to deliver a high-end experience that awaits somewhere in the United Kingdom.

For the many it’s worth, Trump Turnberry is a golf resort that’s located on the coast of the Firth of Clyde in South Ayrshire in the southwestern region of Scotland. This facility consists of three links golf course, a golfing academy, a five-star hotel that was designed by James Miller in 1906, a lodge and cottage accommodations. To the resort’s southwest and very hard to miss is the popular rock island, Ailsa Craig. The resort lies around 80 km south of Glasgow, situated on the A719, north of the A77, a major road from Glasgow to Stranraer through Ayr.


While the Trump Turnberry can be used as a venue for events such as weddings, it also provides state-of-the-art accommodation service set on a hill-like scenery. Having been contrived in the grandiosity of style that dominated the wee years of the 20th century, the luxury collection resort in one of its home country’s national treasures, and most definitely the winner of the Scottish Hote; of the year at the 2018 Scottish Hotel Awards.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

The management of the facility says that upon arriving the resort, one would find and enjoy that the long stretch of the magnificent west coast of Scotland allows for the familiar lush green of what is an internationally recognized group of golf courses. This is then swiftly followed by every guest’s first glimpse of the prominent red roofs of an Edwardian era of a hotel.

Trump Turnberry has an array of accommodation options for those who wish to stay. It all starts from luxuriously furnished deluxe rooms that mirror indigenousness on the part of the site’s busy history. Each room features hand-carved walnut burl mahogany beds, complemented with handcrafted bedside tables imbued with delicate gold leaf detailing. In no particular order, there are other just-as-chic hotel options, from the deluxe ocean view rooms to family spaces, junior suites, junior suites with ocean views, lighthouse suites, villa bedrooms, exclusive villas, and bedroom cottages.


One thing that golfers will not have a hard time noticing is Trump Turnberry’s dramatic setting on a rugged coastline, more so as the scenery acts as a backdrop to a world famous challenging course. Another thing that keeps the albatrosses coming in is the hearsay narratives about the celebrated resort’s spa, from where you can access breathtaking views over the famous Irish Sea to Ailsa Craig from the comfort and coziness of a swimming pool side.
The spa provides a stretch of prescriptive, wholesome ESPA and ishga treatments that are tailored to help the eighteen holes buddies achieve an unspeakable harmony in and between mind and body.

This is one of the places in the resort where the likes of Tiger Woods can ease the tension on their muscles with some well-designed special retreat package that includes a therapeutic session in a marine hydro-bath, and for the grand finale, a fitness massage. Twelve serene treatment rooms are available, making the ideal environment for guest to hands-up to a relaxing experience matched by only very few.

The remaining of the facilities are just as welcoming - sauna, steam room and lavish lounges present to help guests unwind before and after spa treatments. In the very middle of the spa facility is a heated indoor swimming pool that measures 65 feet, delightful to see and even more exhilarating to bathe in.
From this pool, you can enjoy some majestic views of the sea just as you relish the facility’s wave of motion, ample underwater illumination, and trendy soundtrack. There’s an adjoining fitness center for those who want to kick things up a notch, too.

Culinary Services

Around the course, there are white sands and roaming wildlife you can just throw a few crumbs at. A PAR 72 course, the golfing facility is designed to challenge the best - a place where even Tiger Woods has played. The course is located 3 km away from the hotel spaces, taking a six-minute drive from the Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort.

For the newbie and yet practicing golfers, the hotel provides you the opportunity to work on your swings with incredible assistance from the Swing Factory virtual golf initiative when you stay. Age in the game does not matter, as young and old and beginner and veteran alike can hone their skills on the resident PGA golf professional and Swing Factory simulator that will give put them in their A-games. Golfers can key into a virtual practice on more than 30 of the most famous golf courses in the world and receive tutelage from the resident pro.

With the approach to learning and perfecting, the albatrosses will be able to substantially zero in on reducing errors and get the hang of how to correct problem shots while on the green. Helping to boost confidence levels, the virtual golf program has delivered success and instant results for golfers spanning ages and extent of abilities, for many years. The method, which is tried and tested, guarantees improvement that will make your score look like a premium phone number.

The sun is always shining in Dubai, feeding the gorgeous manicured courses in Jumeirah's five-star luxury facility, whose gold breaks in the city are among the best in the world. Guests can combine their UAE vacations with a game at Emirate Golf Club and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, which have been termed as two of the most prominent and internationally recognized clubs findable in the Middle East. Both under the auspices of Dubai Gold, the clubs comprise a trio of cutting-edge championship golf courses and lavish clubhouses. After some hours of practicing, guests can move on to an exclusive beach access, to the Wild Wadi Waterpark and let their kids have some fun at the Sinbad's Kids’ Club.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

The unmatched history of this resort’s golfing is also been pointed back at by two meeting rooms - the Champions Suite and the Tom Boardroom - both of which have eminent imagistic depictions of the celebrated winners of many significant golf tournaments to have ever taken place at Trump Turnberry over the years. The pro shop is located within the confines of the clubhouse, one of the largest of its kind in the region, with an impressive 3,600 sq ft and stocking of the most recent golfing apparel.
Should you be on the lookout for some memento or a souvenir that is used in your age at this elegant resort, or looking to garners some extra teeing wear, then it’s best of you to find your way to the topnotch shop and select your choice from a variety of branded merchandise that proudly display names to the tune of Galvin Green and Polo Ralph Lauren. If you are also looking for some gifts to take home, you can get fantastic buys at the pro shop, which only offers indigenous options. As is the norm with high-quality service, a team of staff is always around to help shoppers with some said-in-a-friendly-way knowledge and assistance concerning any queries about purchasing any gift at the shop.

Golf Academy

Did we save the best for last? It could have been intentional, for all we truly know. Well, in a way many cannot often explain, Trump’s hotel is more about the golf than it is about anything else. That is why the place has its own golfing academy.
Affixed on one of the most picturesque backcloths in the game strictly for men - and forbidding ladies - the globally renowned Turnberry lighthouse which features the Isle of Arran and the Ailsa Craig, the Golf Academy at Trump Turnberry makes for one of the most significant gems - if not the shiniest pierce - in the crown of the resort.
This is a place to found the verdure and channel the focus of the game, where teeing off really means something and never fails to be an extraordinary experience. On the first look of the courses, save the nature of the academy, it’s all about wows and more wows.

The seemingly hurrying context of a landscaped 18-hole putting course, the brainchild of Martin Ebert for golf practice and range that is physically on to the Turnberry lighthouse is something one cannot compare to even a few. When guests enter the extensiveness of the reception area and behold its exhibitions of all major brands of clubs and bags along with its practice putting green, is become something similar to a sleight of hand to take cognizance of the premium quality of this facility.
The awesomeness of the place is spelled by the side-to-side synthetic and aesthetic grass carpeting on the course. Nonetheless, one thing that makes the Academy garner specialness is the innovative touch and professional advice obtainable in the three rooms that are just off the reception. This is where you find an amalgamation of world-class provisions, last-word tech, and topnotch PGA professional tuition, all of which advertently and inadvertently synergize to make sure golfers get an experience that even amnesia cannot erase.
The first cool thing you would notice in the putting facility is that they use the incredible “Sam” analysis to help even newbie albatrosses learn each fact of their strokes, and progress to finding the perfect putter with the aid of the “Quintec” high-speed camera technology, if you wish. Well, given what it’s worth, why wouldn’t anyone wish? The for the second phase of getting your mind blown, there the instruction bay that uses “Trackman” dual radar technology alongside “Gasp’s” three slow-mo cameras to fully document and give room for the teaching professional to point you in the right direction about every sphere of your swing.
Last and definitely not the least, the third studio’s “True Spec” fitting makes available, a genuinely brand-agnostic service. From a matrix of 30,000 shaft and head combos, you will be eased into a bespoke club selection that duly pays attention to all your golfing needs.
So, let’s round this off with the information you have been itching to get. Having read Trump in many places about this facility, you could have wondered if we are talking or thinking about the same person. Of course, it’s President Donald Trump, the American guy.
The politician bought the hotel and golf courses from Leisurecorp in April 2014 in a deal that was worth $60 million. After the transaction, the resort was renamed Trump Turnberry, in June, precisely. Just before he was sworn in as POTUS, he relinquished his directorship of the companies that own the resort, passing on the reins of control to his son Eric and Donald. The course, which was once used as a military base during World War I, has received many reviews and honors. 

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
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