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InterContinental: A League of Its Own

When one thinks about luxury hotels or hotels in general, one of the first names which come to mind is InterContinental as it truly is one of the best of the best when it comes to hotels and hospitality. InterContinental has set the standard for hospitality and is in a league of its own. InterContinental is one of the leading hotels due to its high quality of services and some of the best rooms which provide luxury to guests.

Spend a Night

Just spending a night at Marriott will show one the unlimited enjoyment which they can have at a hotel. Marriott is your home away from home. When you sleep in one of the rooms at Marriot, you will understand why it is a class apart. Heading to Tel Aviv or maybe Islamabad, two names you never thought could go together, but with Marriott, it is all possible.

British Hospitality

The British are known for their hospitality and manners, and being a British multinational hospitality company, one can expect the same when they spend a night at InterContinental. It is headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England which is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and home to the British royalty.

Royal Services

InterContinental is true to its roots and that means guests get to experience the ultimate hospitality which consists of royal services. When you step in to any of the Intercontinental Hotels in the world, you will immediately feel like royalty. The sophistication with which services are provided to valued customers is unlike any other.

Expect to be treated like a British royal when you stay at an InterContinental hotel. The royal treatment will be offered to you, leaving you satisfied and spoiled. Pamper yourself by staying at one of the leading hotels in the world.

Hotels in Nearly 100 Countries

InterContinental boasts a great number of hotels in nearly 100 countries throughout the world. It does not matter where one might be traveling to in the world for leisure or business because there will always be an InterContinental hotel near you to pamper you.

Operating in nearly 100 countries means that InterContinental is experienced in dealing with just about every type of need of its valued customers, therefore, your needs will be fully satisfied when you stay at one of the many hotels of InterContinental around the world.

Various Brands

InterContinental has tremendous goodwill and reputation in the world and it has some of the best brands such as Candlewood Suites, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, InterContinental, Even Hotels, Hualuxe, Staybridge Suites, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts.

Each of these brands provides you with a unique and authentic experience. If you want to experience something different, just stay at one of the various hotels operating under the InterContinental group.

One of the Longest Histories of Any Hotel

InterContinental has one of the longest histories of any hotel as the origins of the company can easily be traced all the way back to 1777 when William Bass had established the first Bass Brewery in Trent and in 1876, the red triangle logo of InterContinental had been the first trademark to be registered in the UK.

In 1969, Bass Charrington launched the Crest Hotel chain which paved the way for the company to become world famous in the lodging sector and in 1989, Bass further invested in the hotel which led to the purchase of Holiday Inn International. The hotels have a diverse history which could be traced to different parts of the world such as Brazil. Stay at a hotel which offers you services that have a great history.

Some of the Best Food

When a person eats at an InterContinental Hotel, they will be transported to another world of culinary delight as just about every famous cuisine can be found in the hotel. One gets to experience authentic Pakistani/ Indian food, Chinese, Arabic and European food when they eat at InterContinental.

The renowned chefs which work at InterContinental continuously create new innovative food which will satisfy your taste buds unlike any other. One can even request something unique to be served as per the ingredients that they would like to have in their food.

Extraordinary Service

The staff at InterContinental is highly trained and experienced in providing the valued customers of InterContinental Hotel with extraordinary service. The quality of service which InterContinental Hotel will provide you is excellent.

The employees of InterContinental Hotel will make your experience away from home one of the best as the hotel has been said to be a home away from home for guests. They are dedicated to ensuring that you have a great time at the hotel.

Luxurious Amenities

Whether you like spending time at the spa or exercising at the gym, what you can expect from your time at InterContinental Hotel is that you will get to experience the luxurious amenities which the hotel has to offer. Swim in any of the swimming pools at the hotel or play tennis at the tennis court or even give golf a try at one of the beautiful golf courses of the hotel.

Located In the Best Places

When one travels to a different country for leisure or business, they expect to stay at a location which is near all the tourist destinations and offers them the most beautiful views and that is exactly what InterContinental Hotels does as it provides you with rooms that overlook some of the best places in the world such as the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben.

One can expect to live in some of the best parts of the city they are in when they stay at InterContinental Hotel. This means that everything will be just walking distance from you and you will get to visit all the locations on your bucket list. Take in the beautiful views of the hotel and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the hotels which have been designed to accentuate your experience when away from home.

IHG Rewards Club

Another great thing about InterContinental is the fact that it has one of the best loyalty programs in the world for over 5300 hotels which operate under the IHG umbrella. It is referred to as the IHG rewards club and it offers valued customers of InterContinental with many benefits. Choose any of the three elite tiers of the IHG rewards club which include Spire Elite, Platinum Elite and Gold Elite.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
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